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For 34 years, Shah Jewel has supplied the jewelry industry with loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes, from .005 to 5.00 carats, rounds, baguettes, princess cuts and marquise shapes. At the same time, we’ve always offered our retail clients a stunning line of finished jewelry, including diamond fashion and bridal sets, stud earrings in a variety of sizes, and bracelets, bangles and rings for men and women alike, at a price point that only a loose diamond dealer can offer.

But buying a diamond has changed quite a lot since we first opened in 1983, and so have we. We know navigating the quickly changing market can be tough, and online diamond marketplaces can become a never-ending maze – and that’s before you have to track down a designer, a setter, and actually make the piece. That’s why we have a designer in-house, who can work with you to bring your vision to life. We work closely with our setters, overseeing each part of the manufacturing process. And we keep you looped in from start to finish, so that you can track your diamond’s journey every step of the way. Whether it’s your first time purchasing a piece of jewelry, or you’re looking to add on to a collection, we take great pride in our personal touch and transparent manufacturing process.

We’ve worked with clients from our backyard of Southern California all the way to the far reaches of Singapore for both their loose diamond and finished good needs, and even as experts, we know that diamond buying can be a tricky process – especially when there are so many new luxury goods popping up daily to spend your money on! We’re confident our hands on approach, coupled with our competitive wholesale prices will help you turn a luxury piece into a legacy collection.


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