Maybe you’re looking for a new piece to add to your collection, or looking to start a collection in general. Maybe it’s a gift to yourself, or your girlfriend has hinted that if you get her one more gift card to the mall for her birthday, you won’t have a girlfriend for much longer. However you get here, you’re now looking for just the right piece of jewelry. So why not just take the gift card your girlfriend threw at you and mosey back on down to the mall, to one of the big jewelry stores with case upon case of glittering diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces? There are two very important reasons why having a piece of jewelry custom made is an even better idea than buying something from a store near you.

1. Custom made jewelry allows for a completely unique design.

If you’re looking to buy real jewelry (and by real, we’re referring to a piece with high quality metals, precious stones, and fine craftsmanship), you’re already looking to spend more than just a few pennies. After all, a great piece of jewelry is a classic that can last you a lifetime, and be passed down generation to generation. Bearing that in mind – why buy something off the rack? Showing up to a party wearing the same dress as someone else is a situation no girl hopes to find herself in, and shouldn’t you treat your jewelry the same way? By working with a jeweler to custom design a piece, you can ensure that not only are getting exactly what you want (rather a store bought version that’s just “close enough”), you’re creating something that is unique to you. After all, you’re a one of a kind type of person – shouldn’t your jewelry be as well?

2. Custom made jewelry can be tailored to ANY budget.

If you’ve had to buy a car, you’ve likely been subjected to the misfortune of dealing with a pushy salesman telling you how you can “custom build” the car you want with lots of expensive additions – when we all know the only thing being custom built is the new wing of the car dealer’s house, while you’re getting saddled with 4 wheel drive that you’ll never use in the suburbs. So we understand your hesitation to go for “custom.” But custom made jewelry can be adjusted to fit any budget. Whether you’re buying an engagement ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace, or even a men’s band, you have so many options on choices of metal, types of diamonds and other stones, it’s impossible to say that something custom made is out of your price range. Diamonds alone come in such a varying range of cuts, color, clarity and carat size that you can get a fantastic stone for a very affordable price. A great jeweler will first and foremost look at your budget, and then educate you on the many options you have on creating exactly what you want within those parameters. Rather than settling for a price tag in a store, you’ll know that the piece you designed is the best that it can be, without breaking the bank.

At Shah Jewel, we understand that buying jewelry is not as easy as heading to the store and buying a new pair of shoes (unless you’re like either of our daughters, in which case buying a new pair of shoes is a religious experience in and of itself). But having been in the jewelry business for over 25 years, working both in the wholesale of diamonds and designing custom jewelry, our number one goal is to make sure every customer we work with is comfortable in their jewelry buying process, from their first phone call with us, to the day they get to show off their new piece of art. Being situated in the heart of the jewelry district in Downtown Los Angeles, we are able to offer extremely competitive pricing due to the fact that the entire manufacturing process happens in our backyard. We’ve worked within all price ranges – from young soon-to-be newlyweds starting a marriage on a tight budget to jewelry collectors looking to expand their collections. We’ve created all sorts of styles, from very traditional and classic diamond settings to fancy, whimsical pieces with a range of precious stones. Even if you’re just exploring the world of jewelry, and want to learn a little bit more about the process of making something unique, give us a call. We’d love to help you make your dream a reality!.